Hybrid gasification Ltd (HGL) was formed in 2007 to offer engineering and consultancy services primarily focussed in the energy sector. Since then, the company has been engaged by a wide variety of clients. The company has served a range of industrial clients as diverse as oil & gas, petrochemical, energy from waste, energy recovery from bio solids, clean power generation, base oil recovery from waste lubes.


The type of work undertaken include concept design development, FEED and detailed design studies and its reviews, process performance testing, trouble shooting / debottlenecking.


During the last ten years HGL have been conducting R&D in the field of clean energy technologies and have developed its two novel technologies:

1. Flexible fuel fixed bed gasification system for small scale power generation

2. Base oil recovery from used lube oil using advanced vacuum distillation and non mechanical thin film evaporator.


In addition, we have expertise in anaerobic digestion processes to produce methane for power generation using solid and liquid municipal/industrial wastes. 

HGL also participates in R&D of solar energy systems for domestic and industrial applications.

With a strong research and development network which uses pilot scale testing facilities which include test facilities currently situated within the University of Northumbria at Newcastle UK, University of Glamorgan UK and University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan.

HGL also developed several IT and Financial management software on Oracle and other languages to help enhance profit margins and cost accounting services to improve their carbon foot print. Currently having clients based in UK, USA, KSA and Pakistan. In several industrial sectors such as Oil Refining, Medical, and Engineering. To perform the best, HGL maintains the best team in IT & Financial Services Department and the subsidiary GETINN Private Limited

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